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Pusateri's Hotel New Yorker

(Also referenced as Hotel New Yorker,  New Yorker Inn, and Bray Hotel)


1114 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO

Building Description

The building housing a series of hotels, including Hotel Bray, Hotel New Yorker, Pusateri's Hotel New Yorker,  and the New Yorker Inn was built in 1915. It is listed as one of seven hotels nominated to the National Register of Historic Places as the Downtown Hotels in Kansas City, Missouri, in a filing prepared in June 1981. The 1981 nomination references the building as the New Yorker Inn.

The nomination includes this description.

"Constructed in the Jacobethan style, this hotel is nine stories in elevation, It is tall and narrow in appearance as a result of its 25 foot frontage, accentuated by the lower surrounding buildings to the north and south. The main facade faces east and consists of four bays of paired double hung sash windows set in terra cotta surrounds. A projecting cornice forms a string course between the 7th and 8th floors. The facade terminates in a decorative terra cotta double gable. The summit of the roof is crenallated and accented with terra cotta."

Architect and Construction

  • John Martling, Architect
  • F.A. Crites, Construction

Additional Information

From the Steve Noll Collection
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