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Linwood Boulevard

"[T]he boulevards and parkways of Kansas City have accomplished the real purpose outlined by Mr. Meyer in the first report (1893), namely, the tying together all sections and the uniting of Kansas City as a whole into a community whose purposes and actions are for the benefit of the city as a whole at all times."

George E. Kessler

Board of Park Commissioners map showing Park and Boulevard System of
Kansas City, Missouri 1908.
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Part of the original 1893 Parks and Boulevards system, Linwood Boulevard has grown to be one of the longest east-west thoroughfares in midtown Kansas City.  Originally platted to extend from Lydia Avenue to Benton Boulevard, Linwood now runs from Broadway east to the intersection of Van Brunt Boulevard (Hardesty Ave.) and Emanual Cleaver II Boulevard.

The intersection of Linwood and Paseo is one of the better know transportation landmarks of mid-town.  A roundabout was established at the intersection in 1922. And in 1931, the roundabout was replaced with the traffic signal island -- now considered a Kansas City icon.

The intersection of Linwood and Paseo boulevards, looking west along Linwood with
the traffic island in the center of the picture, the Shriner's Scottish Rite Temple to
deep right, and the St. Regis Hotel to the front right.


From its development at the turn of the century to the 1920s, Linwood Boulevard was primarily residential. As the century progressed, the boulevard saw churches, funeral homes, and other businesses move into the neighborhood to support the growing population. Today, Linwood Boulevard has lost some of its grandeur. Still, it remains a vibrant residential area backed by churches and other civic and private enterprises that maintain and renew the community. With some exceptions, eastern Linwood Boulevard, from Gilliam Road to VanBrunt, is residential and supported by retail businesses in specific shopping areas along the boulevard. The western terminus is now primarily retail and service businesses.

Learn more about this boulevard of Kansas City history as we share postcards and memorabilia from the many businesses that have called and many that still call Linwood Boulevard home.


Vintage Postcards of Linwood Boulevard

From the Steve Noll Collection
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