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Dixon Hotel

(Building demolished in 1985 and property included in the construction of One Kansa City Place.)


1205 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, MO


The Dixon Hotel was completed in 1912, with an addition in 1917 and alterations in 1954. It is listed as one of seven hotels nominated to the National Register of Historic Places as the Downtown Hotels in Kansas City, Missouri, in a filing prepared in June 1981.

Description from the National Register of Historic Places

"This seven story hotel occupies a corner site with a frontage of 50 feet on East 12th Street and 135 feet on Baltimore. A 50 x 113 addition to the south was added in 1917. The north facade of this commercial style building contains a store front on the ground story.

"The 2nd and 3rd stories are articulated by three bays which contain fixed plate glass with narrow side lights. The remaining stories are fenestrated with one-over-one, double hung lights enframed with a banding of lighter colored stone. The cornice is supported by paired brackets placed at regular intervals. Stepped in above the cornice, the wall of the facade rises to a level of approximately two feet and is ornamented and capped by the horizontal placement of blocks of stone. The east and west facades mirror the treatment of the north (12th Street) facade.

"The ([1917] addition, which extends south on Baltimore, is faced with white limestone and separated into two equal bays by a pier which extends from the 2nd story to the roof. Each bay in the seven story elevation is fenestrated with four narrow double hung lights. Ornamentation below the windows consists of panels with retangular designs. The cornice reflects the original structure and is similaiarly bracketed with curviliner volutes. The addition is connected to the original structure across an alley.

"In 1954 the hotel added new shops on the ground level of the Baltimore Avenue frontage and hired architect Elmer Boillot to design a new front that would employ the use of glass and metal."

Architects and Builders

  • 1912 Sanneman and Van Trump, Architect; Flanagan Brothers, Builder
  • 1917 (Addition) Sanneman & Gould, Architect; Western Construction Co., Builder
  • 1954 (Alterations) Elmer Boillot, Architect; Universal Construction, Builder

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