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Aladdin Hotel

"The Hotel with a Personality"


1215 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, MO (Alternatively listed as 1211 and 1213 Wyandotte)

The Aladdin Hotel was built in 1925. It is listed as one of seven hotels nominated to the National Register of Historic Places as the Downtown Hotels in Kansas City, Missouri, in a filing prepared in June 1981. In addition to the Aladdin, the seven hotels included: Dixon Hotel, Hotel Muehlebach, New Yorker Inn, Continental Hotel, and President Hotel.

Description from the National Register of Historic Places

"The building is modeled in the Italian Romanesque style.  The west facade, which contains the main entrance, is composed of a rectangular block, rising 16 stories and capped by a gold tiled, pyramidal roof,  The 1st through 3rd stories of this facade, 50 feet in width, are faced with white limestone.  The ground and second stories are pierced by three round arches that contain alternating lighter and darker colored stone voussoirs.  The building extends 142 feet to the east as an elongated rectangular block which is placed perpendicularly to the west block.  As the easterly projection is slightly more narrow and shorter than its western projection, the main facade takes on the appearance of a tower.

"On the upper floors of the north, south, and west facades are terra cotta pillars, with recessed windows groupings that function to create a five bay accent.  A series of brick pilasters are carried up ten floors of the facade.  They are crowned by life size female figures of terra cotta. 

"An enclosed roof garden on the 16th floor provided seating for 700 persons.  Shops originally lined the 1st floor along the alley to the north of the building, but have been bricked in.  The hotel is connected by a tunnel to the Auditorium Plaza Garage across the street to the west."

Architect and Builder

  • Phillip T. Drotts, Architect
  • C.O. Jones, Builder

Additional Information

From the Steve Noll Collection
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